How A Women's Specific Ski Can Improve Your Skiing

How A Women's Specific Ski Can Improve Your Skiing

Every season we hear the same question, "Do I need a women's specific ski or can I get away with unisex skis"? The answer tends to be more complex than just a yes or no. For the correct ski to be chosen, many factors have to be taken into consideration. Height, weight, ability, preferred terrain, all aid in determining the right ski. That being said, women's specific skis can offer numerous benefits for most female skiers because of their construction, shape, and performance. 

Check out this fun explanation from the Dynastar Skis Tech Team on how a ski flexes and counter flexes. The ability for a ski to load and distribute the pressure on the snow surface is what makes for a great experience whether you're a beginner or an elite expert.


dynastar intense 12

The Intense 12 combines a long line of ski racing technology with a lightweight core to create an ultra smooth on trail carving ski for expert women skiers. Bindings included. On Sale for $699.95


dynastar elite 12

The Elite 12 fluid features dimensions for optimal edge control like that of a race ski. Designed for elite female skiers who prefer to cruise slalom and GS turns on groomers and hard-packed runs. Bindings included. On Sale for $349.95


dynastar glory 84 ski

For the advanced to expert female skiers who want to carve it up on groomers or send it through the powder. Smooth turn initiation, great edge hold, and all mountain versatility. You'll have the power to be playful with plenty of style and control. Bindings included. On Sale for $369.95

2017 DYNASTAR CHAM 2.0 W 107

dynastar cham 2 w 107

The Cham 2.0 W 107 provides a wide, stable, power skiing machine for expert women skiers. Light, maneuverable, and forgiving make this ski the number one choice for skiers from Mad River Glen to Snowbird. On Sale for $699.95

2017 DYNASTAR CHAM 2.0 W 97

dynastar cham 2 w 97

The Cham 2.0 W 97 is a perfect one ski quiver for advanced to expert women skiers. Featuring a moderate waist width, this ski can float, carve, and cruise. On Sale for $599.95


dynastar women's skier

If you'd like a free personalized consult session on selecting the perfect ski for you then call, email, or chat with one of our techs now.

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