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coach jonathan bischof paddle boarding in vermont fall

11 Similarities Between Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Alpine Skiing

As a ski coach I am enthralled, intrigued, and convinced that skiing and paddle boarding are akin to each other. I was introduced to paddling by my good friend and pro skier John Laserte and instantly realized that the sport of sup needed to be investigated. I highly recommend all skiers participate actively in performance paddle boarding. The carryover is astounding and each sport will compliment the other. When it comes to the balance and posture similarities of skiing, stand up paddle boarding rules! The performance sup benefits of aerobic, anaerobic, core, dynamic strength, and even psychological conditioning will make you a better skier.

Here is my list of crossover skills to ponder and if you have others to share please email us!

  1. Foot Centric: Both sports require healthy and responsive feet that can maintain and manage input and output.
  2. Initiating the paddle stroke and starting the ski turn: Having the hips up and forward are paramount for both.
  3. Rotation, counter rotation, leaning, angulating all sound like skiing techniques but are also fundamental for paddle boarding.
  4. Keeping your head up and eyes looking forward so you can plan your line are key for all skiers and performance paddlers.
  5. Connecting the core to the upper and lower body are tremendously similar in both sports.
  6. The breathing connection through nasal (NO/Nitric Oxide) acquisition are what performance skiers and paddle boarders utilize.
  7. Leg strength and coordination are extremely important to both sup and skiing.
  8. The ability to feel the glide, pressure, and edging on your skis and board is mimic’d.
  9. Hands and arms play similar rolls, just executed in a different manner and obviously one paddle compared to 2 ski poles.
  10. The knees and hips flex, extend, and interplay dynamically to maintain equilibrium and efficiency.
  11. The weight transfer from each ski turn and the weight transfer to the loading phase of the paddle stroke is comparative.
prime slalom skiing example
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