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Please Don't Bend Your Knees

Nothing like a good click bait to grab everyones attention! How crazy is that to suggest in SUP and skiing to not bend your knees? Don’t worry, where I'm going with this will make sense!

As mentioned in previous weekly wisdoms, the bottom of the feet have lots and lots of receptors that help regulate and initiate balance, walking, and standing. So if we are to NOT bend our knees, then what? Let’s focus on bending our ankles instead! It’s a more direct connection to the feet and it will Improve balance in so many ways, here’s why.

1. At the initiation of the stroke, bending the ankle will substantially increase the angles of your shin to the board. That’s a good thing.

2. The ability to balance in choppy and multi directional waters will improve dramatically with loose but actively engaged ankles.

3. When properly bending the ankle, you will have much less hip deviation backwards at the initiation. This will maintain your balance and stroke execution and efficiency significantly.

4. If you engage and feel the ankles first, the ability to connect the leg muscles and core will improve.

5. Ankle and foot awareness will get you to really appreciate the feel of your hull.

6. Using the ankles in a forward bending movement is called dorsiflexion. It is an important aspect for health, longevity, and fall prevention.

Have fun and experiment and let us know how this concept works for you! It will be one of the most important game changers for your performance paddleboarding along side the Quickblade Stingray and our renowned private coaching.

please don't bend the knees skiing
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