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PrAna x Surf Tech Yoga and Paddleboard Collaboration

PrAna x Surf Tech Yoga and Paddleboard Collaboration

In the yoga-verse, PrAna is known as a versatile, comfortable, sustainable clothing and lifestyle brand for men and women. In the stand up paddle (SUP) world, Surf Tech, USA. reigns supreme in terms of color and design, technology, construction, and ride-ability.

The all new prAna x Surf Tech collaboration puts that same versatility, style, and sustainability hand in hand with some of the best stand up paddleboard equipment in the industry.

prana surftech sunset

All boards feature BLOOM Foam DeckPads, which are made from 20% algae biomass. BLOOM’s harvesting process cleans the freshwater ecosystems by removing algae and providing crucial recirculation to the habitat.

prana line

The collection features five paddleboards, two carbon fiber paddles, and 2 leashes, as well as a matching prAna swimwear set (available at prAna Swim dealers).

The Aleka

The perfect board for paddlers that want to do it all. These boards are specially shaped to be stable enough in flat water, while maintaining performance in small and medium surf situations.

The design incorparates praNa’s Marakesh design with a stunning faux-wood inlay. All boards in this range feature the BLOOM Foam DeckPads.

surftech pran abark aleka paddleboards

The Alta Air-Travel

Combine the smooth ride and glide of The Aleka, with the added benefit of an inflatable paddleboard, and you get the Alta Air-Travel. Whether cruising, touring, pumping out a full body workout, or hitting your handstands this board does it all.

Inflatables are great because they fold down into a backpack and can be stored almost anywhere such as a closet or trunk, or even under a bed. The portability is amazing making ferry trips, train rides, and checking onto the airplane a breeze. Imagine having an inflatable yoga mat with you at all times, whenever the urge strikes. The Alta inflatables also feature the BLOOM foam DeckPads.

prana surftech alta air travel inflatables

In addition to the paddleboards above, there is an accessory series with striking detail of the Marakesh print. A carbon fiber paddle provides ultra-light, shoulder relieving strokes for any paddler. A leash should be worn in all water conditions regardless of paddler ability. It only takes a second to become separated from your board, no matter how strong a swimmer you are.

prana surftech accessories

Now check out this sweet video of the line-up in action. And give us a call 1-802-258-0282 and order your set-up today, supplies of these awesome boards is extremely limited.

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