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The 2018/2019 Dynastar Legend X: There Are No Boundaries

The 2018/2019 Dynastar Legend X: There Are No Boundaries

Skiing ain’t what it used to be. The term “one-ski quiver” is one that in the 90s and 00s would’ve been laughed at in exchange for a closet full of powder, carving, and all mountain ski selections. Well guess what, things have changed. Enter the Dynastar Legend. As much a freeride ski as it is an all terrain carving machine. Carrying a progressive 5 point sidecut, versatile multi-condition rocker, and Dynastar’s innovative PowerDrive Technology, each Legend model offers smooth and easy turns across groomers, deep snow, and spring crud. With widths ranging from 106mm to 75mm, there’s a Legend for everybody.

Legend X75

Dynastar Legend X75 Xpress 10 Ski System 2019

The redesigned 2019 Dynastar Legend X85 offers an entry level ski for beginner to intermediate skiers. 5 point sidecut, rocker where it counts, and a lightweight XPRESS binding system come standard. The Legend X75 is at home in most terrain, and excels on trail under moderate speed. Xpress 11 Binding System included.

Legend X80

Dynastar Legend X80 Xpress 11 Ski System 2019

The redesigned 2019 Dynastar Legend X80 boasts 80mm of width underfoot, rocker tip and tail with regular camber under foot, and the same progressive 5 point sidecut found on it’s wider siblings. The X80 is perfect for beginner to intermediate skiers looking for an entry into the All Terrain ski arena. Offering a soft and forgiving platform, this ski is perfect for exploring the mountain, learning the ropes, or sending a run off the tram.

Legend X84

Dynastar Legend X84 Ski 2019

The 2019 Dynastar Legend X84 boasts a lot of similarities to it’s wider sibling, the X88. Offering the same All Terrain platform for adventurous skiers, but exceling slightly on the groomed and icy runs. The X84 features PowerDrive Technology to power through turns in a resilient and snappy manner. Our testing had the X84 excel in slalom type turns and in woods and bumps. Luckily it features just enough rocker to allow a forward and aggressive stance in most snow conditions. Available Flat or with a Konect SPX 12 Binding System.

Legend X88

Dynastar Legend X88 Ski 2019

The 2019 Dynastar Legend X88 could be considered the flagship model of the bunch. Not too wide and not too narrow, sitting somewhere right in the goldilocks zone. The X88 is the perfect ski for someone that considers themselves 50% on trail and 50% off. We live to call it All Terrain ski, or even sometimes the 4x4. Super quick in narrow trees and bumps, but its shovel like tip and tail and progressive rocker profile allow it to float through deep snow and spring chunder. Available Flat or with a Konect SPX 12 Binding System.

Legend X96

Dynastar Legend X96 Ski 2019

The 2019 Dynastar Legend X96 is a powder skiers dream ski. Boasting a 96mm waist and a progressive rocker profile, there is plenty of float for deeper snow. Where the Legend 96 excels is all terrain skiing from tight trees to spring slush. Something about this ski feels incredibly versatile, while it rips up groomers on a sunny day, powers through a 16” storm while playing hookie, or surfs through the thickest of mashed potato snow. Available Flat or with a Konect SPX 12 System.

Legend X106

Dynastar Legend X106 Ski 2019

The 2019 Dynastar Legend X106. The flagship powder ski of the bunch. If you’re looking to charge mountains from Mansfield to Mammoth, this is your ski. Dynastar’s progressive shape offers unbelievable control in almost every snow condition. The 106mm waist offers plentiful float in the deepest snow, and the PowerDrive FREE construction enables easy, powerful turns on groomers and hard pack. Available Flat or with a Konect SPX 12 System.

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