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Starboard Gen R 14' Stand Up Paddle Board 2024 - FREE BOARD BAG

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$3,599.00 - $3,599.00
Current price $3,599.00

Owner and Head Coach Jonathan would love to use his over 40 years of coaching and product expertise to help you find the perfect gear. Call or text at 802-258-0282, or email him to get started. (Although his knowledge is worth a ton, this is a FREE service.)

Introducing the all new 2024 Starboard Gen R 14' Performance Stand Up Paddleboard. The Gen R is the culmination of years of intensive R&D and testing from the world's best shapers paddle boarders. The 2024 Gen R sits perfectly between the All Star and Sprint, as a slightly recessed deck performance board built for sharper buoy turns and technical paddle racing.


  • Starboard Padded Race Board Bag
  • Starboard UV Board Sock
  • 2 x Race Handles
  • 2 x EVA Race Deflectors
  • 1 x Prepreg Carbon Fin
  • 1 x Bungee Tie Down (For 27")
  • Assorted Screws, Tools, and Hardware

The increased stability and performance comes from the wider tail outline and the Gen R's (almost) flat deck. These changes allow easier movement throughout the board, as well as a wider and thus more stable stance.

Something we're really excited about is the all new 10" fin box upgrade, which allows for ultimate fine tuning of fin position based on how you paddle. Paddle shorter distance with more turning? Set your fin to the front of the box. Going for a longer paddle or race where straight tracking is paramount? Push your fin to the back of the box and watch that puppy glide! The 10" box coupled with the all new Flash Carbon Prepreg Fin provide comfort, versatility, and improved hydrodynamics like never before.

The completely new 2024 Starboard Gen R has already proven itself the world over, being the be board of choice for the Starboard International Team for sprint, technical races, and training. With a team of athletes like World Champions Fiona Wylde, Connor Baxter, and Michael Booth, you can rest assured you’re getting one of the best performance stand up paddleboards in the world. Let us help you find the perfect board, call, text, email us to work with a SUP expert.

2024 starboard gen r updates and upgrades


  • NEW Stretchable Protective UV Board Sock
  • 1 x Carbon Scupper Drain Cover Pre-Attached
  • 2 x Comfort Groove Race Handles
  • 1 x EVA Race Deflectors
  • 1 x Flash Carbon Prepreg Fin
  • Assorted Screws, Tools, and Hardware
2024 starboard gen r 14' side profile
14' x 21.5" 9.6" 14.7" 282L Up to 80kg Blue Carbon Sandwich (~11.3kg) Flash

14' x 23"
9.4" 15" 296L Up to 90kg Blue Carbon Sandwich (~11.6kg) and Blue Carbon (~13.1kg) Flash

14' x 25"
9.4" 15.5" 317L Up to 100kg Blue Carbon Sandwich (~12.6kg) and Blue Carbon (~13.2kg)  Flash
14' x 27" 9.6" 16.4" 337L Up to 110kg Blue Carbon Sandwich (~13kg) and Blue Carbon (~14kg)  Flash+
14' x 29" 9.5" 16.6" 356L Up to 120kg Blue Carbon (~14.8g)  Flash+


2024 starboard gen r performance stand up paddle board bottom side details
2024 starboard gen r 14' performance stand up paddleboard action beach start


2024 starboard blue carbon sandwich construction
  • Lightest, Strongest, Most Control
  • Lightweight Biaxial Carbon (lighter)
  • Unidirectional (UD) Carbon Rails (stronger)
  • High Density PVC Standing Area (lighter/stronger)
  • Infused Paint Pigment (lighter, less toxic)
  • Moulded EPS Core Technology (lighter, stronger, zero waste)


2024 starboard gen r blue carbon construction
  • Great Performance to Value Ratio, Slightly Heavier
  • Full Carbon Wrap Construction
  • Wood Reinforced Standing Area
  • Extra Glass Reinforcements
  • Carbon Stringer Deck