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12 Performance Technique Tips for Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boarders

12 Performance Technique Tips for Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boarders

Learning to improve is not always easy because correct information can be hard to come by. These 12 tips will change all that. We love to share our coaching information to everyone so we can all get better faster while having more fun.

Try one thing first on the list and test it out! Once it becomes achievable and you thoroughly understand the tip add the next one until you’ve moved through all 12.

#1. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Learn to develop a slow and fluid stroke before trying to go fast! This technique is used by many of the worlds elite athletes both amateur, professional, and military in developing honed skill sets.

fiona wylde developing her paddle stroke
Fiona Wylde Developing Paddle Stroke

#2. Look ahead. This is called anticipation. This visual skill prepares your body to move early, efficiently, and balanced.

jonathan bischof looking ahead
Jonathan Bischof looking ahead

#3.The use of an on deck GPS device is crucial for gathering real time data for stroke improvement on the fly. We have tested many and highly recommend the Velocitek Makai.

connor baxter using his makai velocitek gps
Connor Baxter training with his Velocitek Makai SUP GPS

#4. Stay well hydrated and nutritionally fueled before and during your fitness, touring, and racing sessions.

#5. Ankle, hip, and shoulder joint mobility will improve all aspects of your performance paddling. This is different from soft tissue flexibility, but they are synergistic and work together.

#6. Shooting and analyzing video of your paddling as often possible will improve your sup technique in amazing ways.

#7. Train with a plan, purpose, and focus so your longer distance tours, fitness workouts, and races will be more sustainable.

training with intent

#8. Don't train through the pain! This is your body's computer telling you you need too change your stroke, equipment, or possibly your training volume/frequency/intensity. Seek medical advice if needed and don’t rely on meds to mask the pain.

#9. Study and watch video of World Class Sup athletes technique. We especially like using the slo motion option for an even more critical analysis.

#10. Correcting posture (athletic stance) while implementing the correct bio mechanics will make you a more healthy, efficient, and happier stand up athlete.

#11. Learn the fundamentals and sequencing of diaphragmatic breathing.

#12. Hire a professional coach they will dramatically improve your technique and style along with making you look a whole lot better.

hire a professional coach

We hoped you enjoy these training tips and have some ah ah moments with your technique and performance. We would love to hear from you about your experience. Please remember we're always available for in person or online stand up paddle board coaching.

Have fun, enjoy, and smile a lot on the water.

don't forget to have fun

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